Small Round Cakes Single Tiered


6 inch 2 layer round

Serves 8

BC $20

Fondant  $35

8 inch 2 layer round

Serves 15

BC $30

Fondant $45

10 inch 2 layer round

Serves 30

BC $50

Fondant $65

Small Round Cakes Tiered cont..

12 inch 2 layer round

Serves 45

BC $80 

Fondant $95

14 inch 2 layer round

Serves 70

BC $100

Fondant $115

There is a $125 Minimum on all 

Tiered And Decorated C​akes

Starting at $125

Round Tiered Cakes

6 inch + 8 inch

Serves 23

BC $103

Fondant $120

6 inch +8 inch +10 inch

Serves 53

BC $203

Fondant $220

6 inch + 8 inch + 14inch

Serves 103

BC  $303

Fondant $320

Round Tiered Cakes Cont..

6 inch + 8 inch + 10 inch +12 inch

Serves 98

BC $403

Fondant $420

6 inch + 8 inch +10 inch +12inch +14 Inch

Serves 163

BC  $703

Fondant $720

Sheet Cake Pricing

1/4 Sheet 

Serves 15-20

BC $35

Fondant $50

1/2 Sheet

Serves 35-48

BC $50

Fondant $65

Full Sheet

Serves 75-100

BC $90

Fondant $110

Specialty Items: 

Call for Pricing

These are special shaped cakes. They  vary on servings depending on the      size.


Photo Prints for Cakes

Images can not be copyrighted 

material. You can provide the image.

$11.00 Per


 Candied Apples

Candied Apples Plain

$7.00 Each

Candied Apples Decorated 

(Themes, Characters ect.)

$10.o0 Each

Cupcakes - Minimum Order 24

May Mix 2 Flavors

Buttercream Decorated

This is all buttercream. Can add 


$1.50 Each

Fondant Decorated

Fondant toppers on all cupcakes

$2.50 Each

Cookies- 1 Dozen Min

Fondant decorated

This is a brief item description.

$2.50 Each

Flavors: Sugar Cookie & Chocolate Chip

This is a brief item description.

This is a brief item description.

Cookie Trays

55 Assorted (non-decorated)

Flavors: Sugar, Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal


110 Assorted

 (non- decorated)

Flavors: Sugar, Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal


Cake Flavors

  • Yellow
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Marble
  • White Almond
  • Lemon
  • Red Velvet
  • Birthday Confetti

 Deliciously Sweets Dessert Bar 

o Standard cupcakes

o Mini cupcakes

o Chocolate covered pretzels

o Mini cheesecakes

o Decorated sugar cookies

o Cake shooters

o Strawberry crunch cheesecake- cheesecake, strawberry crunch and whipped cream

o Banana pudding -shortbread cookie, banana cream and whip topping

o Lemon dream cheesecake-lemon cake, cheesecake, whipped topping

o Rice Krispie Treats-dipped in matching theme .

o Chocolate covered strawberries

Delivery/Set up Fee: $75

This fee includes delivery to location within 15 miles of 23602, as well as set up of all Desserts.On site staffing may be required for station based tables in large tables with parties over 100.

Individual Dessert Set up: $7 per 2 dozen

For small parties or dessert tables where rental/table display will be provided by party or another vendor we charge a set up arrangement fee of $7 per two dozen desserts.

Return/Break Down Fee: $75

The return fee for breakdown/pick up of all inventory/rental items can be Waived if party wishes to return rental items. Let’s have a party will provide a box/bin with bubble wrap so that items can be safely stored following the event. This box will include the inventory list and return instructions. Items are to be returned that following day after the event.

If client does not wish to return items, then Let’s Have A Party! can return for pick up of items 3 hours after event start time. There is A $75 return/pick up fee within  15 miles. Client will be responsible for the replacement value of any lost, stolen or damaged rental items. The estimated value of rental items will be included in contract and on inventory/return instructions.                  

24 -Dessert- (Outline)

Simple & Sweet Package

This package is $350 and is perfect for those with 20 guest. This package comes with any three items above. You will receive a total of 72 treats. Add a custom cake to serve 20 people for $60.

Magically Sweets

This package is $425 and is perfect for a party of at least 35 guests. You receive a total of 144 pieces. Add a custom cake to serve 40 people for $85

Sweet Party Time!

This package is $515 this is perfect for at least 50 guest. Your received 216 treats total. Add a custom cake for 60 people for $110.